About Vegetal Ivory
What is Vegetable Ivory?

The common source of Ivory for many years was elephant ivory. Widespread slaugher for tasks and depleting elephant population caused a ban on ivory trade.

The popular substitutes is vegetal ivory from a palm tree that grows in the rain forest of the Amazon.

Vegetable Ivory is a product made from the very hard white seeds of certain palm trees. Species in the genus Phytelephas, native to South America are the most important sources of vegetable ivory. Different plants producing vegetable ivory are also present in Micronesia and Africa.

We can say that is the only 100% sustainable alternative for elephant ivory since its colour and hardness is almost the same to ivory. The use of such material is very important to the economies in South America as it provides thousands of jobs, and also provides an alternative to cutting down rain forest for other uses, and prevents elephants from being killed for their tusks.